Welcome to Audrey Russell Driving School.  

As a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI), I look forward to being appointed as your Driving Trainer and Coach to help you achieve the independence and opportunities that comes with being able to drive.  

I provide manual transmission Driver Training and Coaching across Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire. This includes Aberdeen and City suburbs, Aboyne, Alford, Ballater, Banchory, Finzean, Strachan, Torphins, Sauchen, Monymusk.

Are you a Provisional Learner Drivers, looking for weekly lessons or Intensive and Semi-Intensive Courses? Are you a Full Licence Holder looking for Refresher Lessons? Regardless of your ability, I will work with you to help you become the best driver you can be. 

” I highly recommend Audrey. Audrey was very patient with me when I was nervous. She gave me confidence and was always there if I had any questions or worries. I could not have asked for a better instructor. Thank you so much Audrey x…”

” Audrey is a gem, very patient and honest about your progress. She taught my daughter who passed today we will genuinely miss Audrey. Highly Recommended by a friend, now highly recommended by me….”

” …your patience and experience have been instrumental in teaching me to drive and helping me become a safe and confident driver. When I became able to make safe decisions on my own, without you having to prompt me, I knew I could pass my Driving Test first time and I did! Thank you”

“My son had some experience of driving before meeting Audrey, but her training style is a whole different level of amazing techniques that builds knowledge and the importance of safety, awareness, confidence and self belief. One year on and he hasn’t had a single accident! Audrey is a star and highly recommended”

Audrey Russell Driving School

My philosophy of ‘Empowering Drivers for Life’ is complemented by my intuitive, patient and approachable style, which will quickly put you at your ease. I tailor every lesson to suit your goals using a Client Centred Learning approach. 

I will support you to ensure you get the best from every learning experience and prepare you to be the best driver that you can be. This results in your becoming a confident and safe driver for life. 

Driving Lessons

As your Driving Trainer and Coach, I will help you discover that learning to drive goes beyond the practical skills you may initially think you need to pass your Driving Test.  With my Client Centred approach, we will tailor your learning to not only how you learn best, but also involve you in the decision-making process during your lessons. I will help you build your self-awareness in an in-car setting and by arriving at the solution yourself you will gradually take greater responsibility for your own learning.

With Audrey Russell Driving School you will enjoy a value for money learning experience. You will gain a greater understanding of all the risk factors associated with different road situations. With each lesson you will reflect upon and self-evaluate the areas you feel you need to develop and those aspects that are going well. 

As you develop your own knowledge and understanding with my guidance, you will find your positive attitudes will develop to help you become an empowered and thoughtful driver. What could be better than not only being a confident driver, but also a safe driver for life. 

A life skill…

Instructor Training

Are you looking for a change in career? Are you looking for a business opportunity where you can develop a work/life balance to suit your circumstances.  

Training to become an ADI will be possibly one of the most rewarding decisions you will ever make. It was for me!  My circumstances were such that I could dedicated my time full time to my training.  This meant I qualified to become an ADI within a year. I have since went on to further develop my qualifications to be able to provide Instructor Training in accordance with the DVSA ‘National Standard for Driver and Rider Training’.  

As an ADI you will have a natural talent for helping and communicating with people and this together with holding a Full Driving Licence for at least 3 years and be over the age of 21, will be all the qualifications you need.

This may seem straightforward, but be under no illusion that training is rigorous, but Audrey Russell Instructor Training wil you through this every step of the way.

Instructor Training

Audrey Russell Driving School can provide comprehensive support preparing you for all three qualifying tests to become a great instructor.

Working with industry partners, the course is delivered online and is complemented by 40 hours of in-car training with your Trainer from Audrey Russell Driving School.  

Training is complemented with videos, scenarios and Zoom session and you can work through the programme at your own pace.   

Our pricing list

Provisional Learner and Full Licence Holder Refresher Lessons are given in 2 hour sessions in 10 hour bundles.
Assessment drives for Full Licence Holders or Provisional Drivers who have had some driving experience can be given as a 1 hour session as part of a 2 hour booked Lesson. ie one hour assessment, one hour development.
Email directly for details relating to Instructor Training.

£ 45 £ 43

per hour

£ 90 £ 86

per x2 hours

£ 450 £ 430

per x10 hours bundle

Driving Lessons bundles, dates and times are secured with a pre-payment non-refundable deposit by bank transfer at time of accepting your Driving Lesson Proposal. The deposit is deducted from the full amount, leaving a balance payment due. Payment options available for payment of balance, tailored to individual circumstances. Pre-paid lessons are valid for 3 months per Terms & Conditions at time of contract. 

Prices quoted if residing within 20 miles or a 20 minute drive from Banchory. A minimal fixed travel time fee will apply out-with that radius.

Contact us

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